Thursday, September 29, 2005

illustration friday: fresh

My illo for this weeks Illustration Friday, or what I'd like to call, "if this slack bastard procrastinates any more he'll go blind." Or grow hairy palms. What can I say, better late than never. Just in time for tomorrows new topic in a few hours. Now check out Snoop Dogs translation of my skectblog. Peace out homeskillet.

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Friday, September 23, 2005

noodling: 02

More noodling for your viewing pleasure. I've been trying to loosen up my sketches and going beyond what I usually draw. A lot of the characters I draw have been looking more and more alike, like the same girl but with a different hairstyle. Or the same pose, but different clothes. Is it the laziness in me, or have I become accustomed to drawing something the same exact way? There's no variety, and we all know that variety is the spice of life. I felt I was on the right track when I created a 2006 calendar for the Comic-Con. Most of the characters varied somewhat in head shapes and facial features. But I know I can flip it much more than that. Flip it like a pancake. Mmm... pancakes.

all images © 2005 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.

Monday, September 19, 2005

illustration friday: escape

Recently, my form of escape has been taking my Sector 9 longboard and hitting the hills by my house. It's a great way for me to clear my mind and just think randomly. Usually about useless things like making a career out of being a flight attendant just so I can ask people if they would like some salty nuts. I'd be outside right now if it wasn't raining. And as much as I enjoy walking in the rain pants-less, I just don't like skating in the rain pants-less. That's just silly.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


I've recently stumbled upon the world of podcasting and listening to them while pretending to do some work. It's pretty nifty. With the new iTunes 5 you can subscribe to these podcasts, most of which are free, and your computer will download the latest episodes. One such podcast that I find very interesting, and highly recommend to any and all creative types, is Media Artist Secrets, podcasted by Franklin McMahon. It's very inspiring to hear advice and insight from an artist who's been in the trenches and just wants to share and give back the knowledge to those of us who are doing our damnness to do what we love for a living. It's just comforting to know that other creative types go through the same shit you do day in and day out. I've just downloaded all 39 episodes he's put out so far and flying through them like a crack fiend who's just come across, um... a lot of crack. Ok, so that wasn't the best analogy I've ever come up with. Feel free to substitute "crack" with another vice of your choosing. May I recommend "pornography."

Anyhoo, in episode 4 he talks about noodling, and how and why to noodle. Basically, noodling, a musician's term, means playing around. Picking up your weapon of choice and messing around and experimenting. It's self-development, and sometimes you just have to try and find time to fit it in. It's been a while since I've done any kind of sketching that had nothing to do with a project I'm working on. And boy am I rusty. I think I stared at that blank page for a better part of three days, I shit you not. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, like many artists are. And sometimes I find myself not starting anything if I don't think it will turn out perfect. Even sketching, which is freaking ridiculous, I know. It's something I hope I can get over with time. So noodle, people! Noodle your fucking brains out! Noodle with a friend, or two, if that's what you're into. Noodle till you can't noodle anymore. Then eat some cheese.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

illustration friday: depth

ONESICKINDIVIDUAL "FUN FACT" : Extremely deep water scares the holy shit out of me. You know those nature documentaries on the Discovery Channel about whales where they have footage of, well, whales? If you think about it, whales are pretty freaking huge. And when you see this footage of these freaking huge whales they look tiny surrounded by a deep, dark blue background. Now that's not just post-production CG work here, all that emptiness is water. And when you realize how small these whales look engulfed in this water you start to realize how much freaking water that has to be. To make a long story short, all that water freaks me out! It's just a lot to take in, you know? Now, I'm not saying that I spend most of my time in the urine-filled kiddy pool. I enjoy jumping into the 8 foot deep end like everyone else. But if you were to tell me that you'll be dropping me off in the middle of the ocean just for the fun of it, I'd smack you across the face with my left foot. I'm just not a fan of really deep water.

With that said and done, this piece was inspired by all those horror/monster/in the deep blue sea movie posters I used to see as a kid. Thought I'd take this opportunity to play around with all the new nifty features they added to Illustrator CS2. I freaking love that program. Almost as much as I freaking hate really deep water. And spiders.

all images © 2005 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.