Monday, November 28, 2005

belated happy turkey day : part 2

Last night was round two of Face Stuffing 2005 over at Jenn's family. And as a family get-together tradition, I held an impromptu art class in the living room.

Critiquing an up-and-coming artist's work.

Jenn and Madison.

Our professional art model. Kylie posing for Madison's illustration.

Isabella conquering the blank page like a pro.

Kylie making snowflakes.

My newest student, Sophia.


Jenn21 said...

You're a famous artist in the eyes of our nieces! They always beg you to hold an art workshop everytime we come home for a visit! Next time, I'm going to charge each student who wishes to take part in your next class! J/K!

ellia said...

wow that is just an awesome post! that is sooooooooo wonderful!!! and what a happy moment, huh?!

coffee81 said...

awwww...that's so cute!