Thursday, May 24, 2007

more paint

Here's another painting experiment for ya. The flick doesn't do justice to the subtle gradation changes in the background, but you get the idea. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with this medium so I think I'll get started on the stacks of canvases and wood that have been collecting dust in my office. I think my Wacom tab is feeling a bit jealous right now.
all images © 2007 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.


Patrick said...

Let the wacom steep in its jealousy. Me, I'm enjoying the added texture and depth of the paint and wood. Two great pieces, as usual.

please be friendly said...

This one is very nice too, but I still love the orange in the first one. Out of curiousity, what are painting on? They look like cutting boards?

I'm looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

m.b said...


I was recently "tagged" so I thought I'd turn around and tag some of MY favorite Illustators - you're IT - if you haven't already been tagged! It's a Illustration Friday thing - just list 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other people. Hope you don't mind! :)

gTuz said...

That is THE best chopping board I've ever seen... Classy as always man.


right on for the comments folks! yes, i will let my wacom steep in jealousy from time to time.

pleasebefriendly - they do look like cutting boards. they're actually these pre-cut wood things i picked up from an arts and crafts store in the area. ive got a bunch of different sizes sitting around so stay tuned!

m.b. - tagged?! hmm... it's been awhile since ive done one of these so ill have to think of some new ones.

aintshakespeare said...

Your work is awesome! I have been trolling through your site and I love it. I love the octopus theme and your women are excellent. So good.

These paintings on wooden plaques are great. Keep sending us more of these.

Very inspiring.

Elliot said...

You should go find the blog of Red Diabla who paints on toilet seats so she can be as close to her creations as possible when she's taking a shit.

ken said...

very cool!!!!! i love the idea

ken :D

kend said...

these are neato!!