Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Harley Quinn, The Clown "Princess" of crime.
all images © 2008 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.


Mukpuddy said...

Thanks for the comment dude! Lovin this, I've always dug Harlequin and this is a great take on her!!

Daniel Teran said...

saw your coment, thanks, i was looking your art to i think the same, jaja diggin the lines very sutil shapes and colors you have there! cool work man!.
so, how is there, in the sunny San Diego? i im very curious about the "artistic wave" there rightnow most of all into character desings, and thinking may be going there myself to tray it latter on in the future. For now its very cool here too anyway, je.
Cheers from Barcelona!


silvano said...

you have a very cool and original cartoony sketch style ; love your "Steph-Robin" ! Keep up the good work !


right on folks! thanks for the feedback.

daniel - san diego has been great. just moved out here a few years ago. still not too familiar with the art scene here, tho comic-con is always a big event.