Sunday, November 30, 2008


I dig the oh so sexy shape of cassette tapes. It's a nostalgia thing.

Anyhoo, I've been tagged by my fellow artist extraordinaire, Mr. Shum, to post seven random facts about myself and pass it on to seven more. So here goes:

01. As a kid, I imagined wind propellers to be tombstones for dead planes.
02. Over-analyzing where milk comes from made me not want to drink it anymore.
03. My nails grow extremely fast, forcing me to conclude that I am part werewolf.
04. In my opinion, drinking water from a straw significantly tastes different than drinking the same water without a straw.
05. I emphasize my statements to my wife in the form of a spontaneous dance.
06. One of my pet peeves are people who refer to Kill Bill Vol.2 as a sequel. It's one movie broken into two parts, people!
07. I think giant, talking babies are frightening.

Tag, you're it...

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carla said...

Hi Erwin! What a nice treat to have you visit my blog... and as for the tag... well... maybe! I love your girls series... so much stuff you've been up to! I have to agree that giant talking babies are frightening. In fact, I also agree with your assessment about drinking water through a straw. I think it picks up the plastic taste.

Anyway - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Take care:) - Carla

OneSickIndividual said...

thanks, carla! i knew i wasnt the only one who can tell the difference with the water and straw thing.

i had a relaxing thanksgiving, hope you did too!