Sunday, October 19, 2008

this one time, at flash camp...

Last weekend I attended Flash Camp, a barcamp-style developer event held at Adobe in San Francisco. We were introduced to Flash CS4 and all it's nifty new features.

During the 3-day event, we were tasked to create an app that utilized any of the new Flash functionalities. We were generously fed 3 times a day including, what seemed to be, a never ending supply of coffee and beer. By the end of the event, about 30 apps were created and then judged by a team of Adobe developers.

I had the fortune of working with Matthieu Avignon and Demian Borba to create a Surf Alarm Widget. It was an alarm clock set to wake you up at a specified time and alert you to whether the surf was worthy of getting up for. The data was pulled from various updated websites and the animation and music would correspond to the quality of the waves.

Out of ten categories, ranging from "Best Game" to "Most Useful," we won "Coolest App," much to our surprise. It was a truly overwhelming experience. Now I'm off to make some truly cracked out cartoons with my new found knowledge.

all images © 2008 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.

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