Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Darth Wubby - Ewok Sith Lord

This is Darth Wubby. Don't let his lethal adorableness fool you. He also bites.

For this week's Art Jumble.


Gerald de Dios said...

Yo how's it going?! That is one Wicked-Wicket design!

OneSickIndividual said...

right on, bro! how ya been? all is well, officially back in the bay area and drawing like a mad man.

m.b said...

Hi! Long time no post! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I actually really liked that piece myself (goes to show I really should trying experimenting more often). Unfortunately I've since cleaned my studio and cannot remember where I "cleaned" that piece to - I know I put it somewhere 'safe', just no recollection of where that might be. Lucky me, absent-minded at 33.

Will Appledorn said...


his lightsaber looks like a Popsicle.

funny idea man

Tanoshiboy said...

Of course. What would be the most unsuspecting Sith of all? Nice.