Tuesday, October 18, 2005

illustration friday: cold

This weeks illfriday topic is cold. It's cold right now. I'm cold right now. In honor of how cold it is, I will post something I did from my calendar. That's right kids. I'm lazy. Lazy is king. Anyhoo, the illos are for the months of December, January, and February.

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Waterson, that Jenn ordered for me just came in a few days ago. It is my all time favorite comic strip of... all time. Along with the collection of every single brilliant, insightful, and hilarious comic strip ever created is an introduction filled with great anecdotes from Waterson's experience before, during, and after Calvin and Hobbes. And it's freaking heavy! I have at least one thing in common with Bill Waterson. As a kid I, too, wanted to either be a cartoonist or an astronaut. But my dream of being an astronaut where later crushed when I lost all understanding of math beyond fractions and long division (which I actually took in college). Jenn also got me The Quitter graphic novel. She takes such good care of me.

I've been tagged by Carla. I need to post 20 random facts about myself and then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes me to write the facts. Drumroll please...

1. I consume more ketchup in a week than a family of four can in a month.
2. I believe that cows are ambassadors to extraterrestrial life forms.
3. I have been wearing a lot of brown lately.
4. I lived in Japan for the first three years of my life.
5. I am not fond of spiders.
6. I can't drink milk.
7. I don't like drinking water through a straw.
8. I enjoyed the taste of alligator and frogs.
9. I once flipped-out at a rave and didn't sleep for three days.
10. I view the world as if it where a how to drawing book.
11. I laugh at inappropriate times.
12. I want to be an astronaut and/or ninja.
13. I am a Batman fanboy at heart.
14. I once found a year old carton of unopened milk in the back of the fridge.
15. I was graciuosly asked, by my art school, not to return.
16. I have a ridiculous fear of giant babies who can talk.
17. I am a sucker for dogs.
18. I have an absurd fondness for ice skating movies.
19. I am in love with my fiance, Jenn.
20. I miss Spike terribly.

Tag, you're it.


all images © 2005 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.


chacha said...

man, i love this illo you did!! nice choice of color, really makes things seem even more chilly aside from the coats and hot cocoa. what a gal to get you that book! i didnt know that they had something like that for calvin and hobbes. my rents use to buy me their books full of strips for all the holidays. oh yeah, thanks for taggin me, didnt know what it was till i saw it on your site. boy oh boy i better get crackin! :) thanks for comments!

Ellen said...

Dude! I am jealous! For the illo work AND the Calvin and Hobbs collection!

Holly said...

Great calender work. Very chilly-very cool!

carla said...

Hey! Thanks for plaing tag:> I really enjoyed reading thsoe facts about you...a year old carton of milk? Yuck...i hope you didn't open it... Again, I want to tell you how sorry i am for your loss of Spike. I had two cats that had to be put down last year, one from an illness and the other from a terrible injury (I think he had been hit by a car). It broke my heart because they were such good buddies. I still miss them. The pics of Spike show him to be so sweet and adorable.

These calendar illos are great! They have a softer vibethan your other stuff...I guess it's the pretty girl you're drawing. The colors are wonderful. they make cold seem pretty nice!

JaYson said...

Wow fantastic illustrations and I love the style...Good job.

.leo. said...

OMG, u are really a kick ass designer i love the colors love how simple shapes make anice backgroudn i love everything of this art...i should learn more...for sure...
now i'll take a look for the rest of your works...

Ray Dillon said...

Nice illo! Great style and that blue line really makes it great.

I'm jealous, too. I just saw that Calvin and Hobbes set. I'm going to have to pick that up.

Alina Chau said...

Love your illustration!! The design is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful illustrations. It's fun to see them next to each other. I bet your calendar looks great.

Secret Creatures said...

I found a good price for that Calvin & Hobbes at Barnes & Noble.

Anyway, I finally honored your *tag*, so there you go!

Leezy said...

Thank you for the tag. I posted my answers if you are interested!

Leezy said...

Oh, and I'm sorry. I thought I already posted my love of your "Cold" illo this week. Truly a work of greatness ... as always!

Brrrrrrrrrrr ....

Toyebot said...

one word, sick!
Great job!

Melissa said...

i like your art
read my blog
k thanks

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.