Saturday, January 28, 2006

you sexy beast

Lately, I've been hard at work redesigning these children's book covers. Whoa, did I just say hard at work? That's right. This slack bastard has been burning the midnight, or should I say, 5am oil. Above are a few character design concepts I've been working on. Me likes me blue lead. I thought I'd lost my trusty mech-pencil containing said blue lead on the move to San Diego. How I've missed you so, my trusty mech-pencil containing said blue lead that I thought I had lost.

Anyhoo, I finally have something to hang my heavy bag on. Jenn got me this nifty heavy bag stand with an equally nifty speed bag for me as a happy belated birthday/Christmas present. It's been awhile since I've done anything close to exercising. I'm not really sure if walking upstairs counts. I really haven't found anyone to spar around here so my new present is a great alternative for the meantime. I even hung my trusty helmet on the heavy bag to simulate a sparring partner or diabolical evil supervillain. Though I was able to fight a few short last minute rounds at the WEKAF regionals, I won't be able to make it to the nationals on account of much more important matters (hint, hint: wedding) and the fact that I've turned into a lazy, out-of-shape eskrimador. But with this new nifty heavy bag setup, I'm on my way to returning to my former sexy beast self.

all images © 2006 Erwin Haya, unless otherwise noted.


Jenn21 said...

I have a feeling that you're going to be telling me you want to do the laundry more often! Oh well, you can go ahead and just work out while you wait for things to dry ;o) It's not like this was my intention from the beginning...(teeeheehee! Not just a hat-rack, my friend!)

Gee said...

ah geah! looks good bruddah! new code for training 'doing laundry'. get up and break it off some. knocka, knocka'em out!

Noel said...

i'm always down to spar. bur the real question is, when you gonna start to teach? congrats on the wedding man. take care. peace be with you and your loved ones.