Saturday, February 11, 2006

i must have this


While you're slobbering, drool on some of this art-filled goodness:

Brain Locker
John Nevarez
Michael Cho's Sketchbook
Frank Hilzerman
Andrea Blasich
Antonio Santamaria
Jeff's Art Spot
Vignali Studio


Antonio Santamaria said...

Hi Erwin!
Thanks for your comments about my work and my blog but I have to say that your work is really amazing, your style, your pencils... You are GREAT!
I will be hoping for new drawings in your blog!

reboundicon said...

sweet reminds me of a vinyl figure from kidrobot...

Alina Chau said...

oooh ... WOW!! Is this for real? COOOL!

spacesick said...

Wow, I'm art-filled goodness? Cool! Thanks a lo-

Wait... I'm last. How dare you.


lol... save the sickest for last. so they dont contaminate the rest.

The Tart said...

I WANT this too!

Too cool

The Tart